Reducing installation headaches

Compact, pre-assembled and ready to energize switchgear saves time, efforts and costs

Have you ever bought one of those assemble-at-home furniture pieces?

I recently did. At the most it will require you to turn some screws… said the clerk…

I discovered that the assembling process was not as fast and enjoyable as I expected… Ok, it was not exactly hard but requires a lot of time and effort to understand the instructions, and then you always end up making mistakes of course, and redoing things.

Installers of high voltage equipment on site can often experience the same situation. A lot of components to be assembled, supporting structures and foundations… and they have a lot more than just a screwdriver in terms of tools.

ABB’s R&D engineers had similar thoughts in mind when designing the innovative PASS M0H.

PASS M0H substation
PASS M0H substation

The Plug And Switch System (PASS) is a hybrid module that combines the benefits of AIS and GIS technologies, including the functions of an entire switchgear bay in a single module, pre-assembled and pre-tested at the factory. The PASS M0 H is a further step in the development of this concept, offering a complete high voltage switchyard with an ‘H’ configuration as a single product, which arrives completely assembled and tested to site, ready for rapid energization.

A 145-170 kV PASS M0 H on a skid, can be installed and energized in 40 hours!

Apart from the obvious time, effort and money savings in the erection and commissioning activities, I’m sure that this module will save ABB’s customers many headaches…

Pre-engineered solutions allow products and systems to be assembled in the clean and controlled environment of the factory reducing both time, effort and risk on site. In the case of PASS M0 H, a complete switchyard undergoes a high voltage test in the factory’s laboratories and is then transported without dismantling or need for assembly activity on site, and therefore there is also no need to re-perform the tests.

This is also a welcome solution when dealing with increasing remoteness of power supply and demand, rapid rate of renewable energy integration and availability of skill resources on difficult sites.

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