Barcelona is a great place to grow a robotic family

We're not at the point where robot parents are taking their robot kids on vacation, but we are celebrating a growing robotic family in Barcelona this week.

Some of my favorite memories as a child revolve around getting together with friends and family and taking time out from the normal daily routine to relax and connect.

These times in life–where everyone is present and sharing experiences–make for lasting memories and friendships. Thinking back, I couldn’t tell you what it was we talked about, what we ate, or even exactly who was there, but those experiences resulted in a lifetime ability to relate to all the people who are still part of the group of family and friends who I rely on to this day.

I’m realizing that’s one of the main reasons I find it so easy to be a part of the ABB Robotics family. This company is unique in our desire to treat our customers, partners and colleagues like family. And during our three customer and partner events that we run in North America, Asia and Europe every year, we take the time to connect, relax and get closer so that we maintain and grow that family feeling.

Not only is it fun to meet friends both new and old during these Value Provider Conferences and Customer Days, but the interaction results in a much better ability to understand what our customers need. It’s rare to find enough time to simply be present with each other and let conversations unfold in an unhurried fashion–which is exactly why we have carved out these three weeks each year to bring everybody in the ABB Robotics family under one roof.

In Barcelona this week at the 2014 European Value Provider Conference and Customer Days, we have certainly had some spectacular experiences together with our partners and customers. From a wonderful celebratory awards dinner at the legendary Camp Nou FC Barcelona stadium, to eating dinner looking out over all of Barcelona from the decks of a restaurant on Montjuic, we have all formed memories that will last a lifetime. At the same time, we’ve been able to spend every day just being present with our customers and developing ideas together. In this way we can create new solutions and learn from each other. It’s truly collaboration at its best.

The venue itself, inside a spectacular old ABB motor factory at Fira Sabadell that has been converted to an event space, was full of ABB Robotics’ newest products and totally integrated, standardized solutions. From our newest robot, the IRB 1200, to our newest integrated solutions such as the Flex MT® and the RacerPack, it was really fun to watch our team of experts interacting with our Value Providers and end-customers, all of them sharing ideas and creating stronger friendships.

Each year our partner events get better and better as we focus on harnessing the value in true collaboration and remaining close to the companies and people that we create products for. Aside from that, the friendships we build will last a lifetime.

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I am the Segments & Events Communications Manager at ABB Robotics. My main task is to deliver best in class international events, both internal and external, and focus segment marketing communications programs. I have a great deal of experience in B2B marketing and communications and have worked with most areas, including management positions, and have therefor achieved a deep understanding of the context in sales and marketing as well as leading teams. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration from Sweden’s Uppsala University and have a background in engineering. In my spare time I am an avid horseback-rider and supporting my sons who play competitive ice-hockey.
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