U.S. DOE issues final rule for electric motor energy conservation standards

A new motor rule covering low voltage 1-500 HP NEMA and IEC motors raises levels for almost all motors sold in US to IE3 level starting May 8, 2016

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a pre-publication Federal Register final rule regarding energy conservation standards for LV electric motors (May 8, 2014). The new standard will save commercial buildings and industry up to nearly $16 billion and prevent 96 million metric tons of CO2 through 2030, one of the largest energy saving regulations ever passed in the US.

The rule will now include partial motors as used in gear motors and customized electrical and mechanical designs. Also IEC Design N and H motors will be covered along with enclosed NEMA 56 frame and IEC 80.

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The rule is a result of a petition from a coalition including NEMA (ABB & Baldor), energy advocates and other trade groups.


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