Three workhorses retired after 100 years of active service in Australia!

They started service before the invention of the toaster, the TV and the internet. Qantas and Canberra weren't even born yet.

And two World Wars, the Beatles, Britney Spears, Monty Python, spaceflight, penicillin and velcro also impacted our world for better or worse over those years.

So what has withstood the test of time?

Three ABB power transformers have been stalwarts in the rural Victorian landscape of Australia for the last 100 years, actively doing their business for local utility, SP AusNet. The transformers, which originally came from the BBC factory in Baden, Switzerland, were part of a zone substation supplying the local area which also included two hydro generation companies.

The 9 MVA 22/66 kV GSU transformers were ahead of their time according to Australian transformers market manager, Julian Guild, and required little service over the years.

SP AusNet’s Project Manager for Capital Delivery and Engineering, Neil Sequeira agreed. “These ABB transformers were way over engineered and built to last,” he said. The only loving care they seemed to require was to feed their thirst for oil. Well you wouldn’t deny a 100-year-old a drink every now and then!

The three grand old dames (or gents, depending on your point of view) have recently been retired not because they weren’t pulling their weight, but because the SP AusNet substation is being rebuilt.

One of the transformers has been shipped to ABB’s Moorebank, Sydney facility where it will live out its twilight years under the shade of a gum tree as part of a display of old and new; a testament to the great technology ABB continues to invent and reinvent.

Happy 100th birthday transformer 1, 2 and 3. May you enjoy your well-deserved retirement!


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