Welcome to the World Control Tour

The World Control Tour will showcase System 800xA v6 all year round on five continents and in ten cities

Hannover Fair is consistently one of my favourite weeks of the year. It’s so full of knowledge, innovation and collaboration, making it the perfect place for us to unveil System 800xA v6 and launch the World Control Tour.

ABB is a company rich with history. Over the years, many businesses, ideas and people have come together to create a sum greater than its parts. The story of System 800xA is not much different. For ten years, 800xA has focused on collaboration, of system, equipment, and again, people. I am very proud of what Extended Automation stands for today. I am even more proud of the many people whose hard work it took to develop this product. It is with those people, and with our loyal customers that we will celebrate v6. All year, on 5 continents, visiting 10 cities, the World Control Tour will showcase 800xA v6 and celebrate the innovations achieved, barriers broken, and progress made.

We look forward to bringing customers with us on this step into the future. 800xA v6 is designed to meet the needs of facilities running older software, specifically tailored for the Microsoft mandate away from Windows XP operating system. ABB and System 800xA v6 acknowledge this hurdle for our customers and have ensured a smooth path to the future with a simple and efficient method of installation and upgrade.

On the tour’s first stop in Hannover, we were glad to showcase some of version 6’s added features and capabilities in our booth. The 3D Collaboration Table was popular, as visitors got a feel for what it’s like to operate a facility at their fingertips. We also demonstrated the ease and efficiency of putting the world’s leading DCS HMI on top of competitor products, allowing customers to benefit from our High-Performance HMI and the powerful EOW – Extended Operator Workplace.

A combination of systems, equipment and people collaborate to make Hannover Fair one of the world’s premier industrial events. What better place for a premier system like 800xA to take its moment in the spotlight? From the opening of the Hannover fair last week, and for the rest of 2014, It’s All About Control.

It started last week at Hannover Fair. It continues this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Welcome to the World Control Tour!



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