Ready, steady, go!

In increasingly more competitive power markets, service solutions are key to winning the race.

The lingering effects of the global economic slowdown, concerns about the environment in the context of fossil fuels power, and growth of renewable power generation are just some of the many factors transforming electricity markets today.

These and other drivers of change mean power generation companies are under constant pressure to adapt to shifting market conditions grapple with uncertainties. Which means the people who run these companies and operate power plants must be able to respond quickly to changing conditions. To remain competitive, they must become flexible and lean to move fast. Imagine a Formula 1 race car at a pit stop. Out jumps a highly trained and specialized crew acting in a ballet of technical precision to do their stuff and keep their machine on wheels in pristine condition. And every second counts. Time lost here can never be regained, and it is good to remember the clock is always ticking.

Power generation plants are like such cars in a race. A good vehicle alone won`t put you on the podium. You need a crew of high-performance mechanics with the knowledge, capacity and motivation to turn customized engines into “works of art” especially designed for maximum power output. You expect service specialists to do no less in your power generation plant. For this, they require a deep understanding of your asset, the capacity to keep up with it. They enable the flexibility needed in the operations to be competitive, and bring with them the field proven experience to squeeze more output by improving efficiency and reducing consumption.

Our crew is ready for the challenge, and with our technology, domain knowledge and proven track record we are at your service.


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Stefan Hatt

Stefan Hatt is service manager for the Power Systems Division and in addition is responsible for Service within the Power Generation business unit. He was previously responsible for sales and marketing within this business and has extensive industry experience.
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