If you could ask anything about our measurement products, what would YOU ask?

The new Ask ABB online platform gives you a direct line to the measurement products’ experts. Just ask.

As a student, I can remember sitting in class with a question while the teacher lectured and, by the time the Q&A session started, I either forgot my question (yes, I should have written it down) or decided it wouldn’t be relevant to everyone else in the class so I chose not to ask it. The truth is, more often than not, the other students had the very same question I had and would have benefited from the teacher’s response. I should have just asked….

This concept of asking a question in a public space and sharing an expert answer that will benefit a group is exactly what the new Ask ABB platform will do for online visitors. If you’ve had a question about one of our measurement products, chances are others have had a similar question and would benefit from the expert answer you will receive…just raise your virtual hand and ask! When you submit a question to the Ask ABB online community, your question will be answered by an ABB expert and published back to the community so others can see the response. Or, if someone already asked your question, you can easily perform a search and find your answer.  Asking us a question can help you and help others – everyone wins!

So go ahead and ask your question – you may be surprised how many people you help.

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Jill Mcgee

I'm the Web Content Manager with the Measurement Products group, living and working just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana in the US. I joined ABB in 2010 through the acquisition of the K-TEK level company where I was the Marketing Communications Manager. A true Southern girl, my life revolves around food, music, sports and a Harley-riding biker family.
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