Are you curious about our transformers? Just ASK…

New ASK platform gives you online access to our transformer experts

It is human  to be curious. Mankind has been asking questions since the beginning of time, but thanks to the internet the opportunity to find answers has increased exponentially. Search engines and the way people use them are evolving every day as the focus on interactivity increases.

Keeping these realities in mind, we created the ASK platform, hosted on the ABB transformers web portal, to enable you to ask our experts any question you like about our transformers. The queries and responses of wider interest will reside on the portal for the benefit of all. Our hope is that the ASK platform will encourage our stakeholders to interact with our domain experts who will share their knowledge and passion for transformers with the community at large. We think the best answers provide depth that goes beyond “what” we do, speaks to “how” it can best be done, and “why” some ways of doing it are better than others.

To get started we we have posted answers to 40 of the most frequently asked questions about our transformers.

So if you have a question on transformers – don’t hesitate –  just ASK us!


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Richard Mucha

I am the Marketing Manager for Business Unit Transformers. I've been with ABB/Westinghouse since 1987 and my entire career has been in the field of transformers. I started working as an electrical design engineer, and have now been in various marketing roles over the last 18 years.
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