When gambling is not an option

Guessing is for gamblers, not plant operators. It is essential that the people in charge of a control system know exactly what to do.

How many times have you stared at your computer screen and wondered what to do? Or felt you would need to have a PhD to fully understand how to handle a control program? For sure at some point you probably started muttering to yourself, racking your brain as you tried to recall those long-ago lessons from university. If you`re not sure, throwing the dice is definitely not an option in systems that are worth millions of dollars. People must be thoroughly trained in their use, because very often even cutting-edge, world-class control systems by themselves are not enough to guarantee optimal operations in a plant. Doubts and questions can arise in such very standard areas as engineering, maintenance and troubleshooting, or even more specific fields. The right education at the right time is an essential tool in overcoming such daily challenges.

ABB control system experts have tackled this issue by making training a fundamental brick in the development of its Symphony Plus automation platform package. Basic and advanced engineering courses as well as specific subjects like turbine control, combustion instrumentation and electrical integration are part of this product offering. All training is a carefully balanced mix of theoretical discussion and hands-on, practical sessions, including presentations, demonstrations, and technical exercises. Trainees can decide to attend courses at the certified Symphony Plus demo training center in Genoa, Italy, which opened its doors last year, at other certified training centers around the word, or at their own facilities. They can benefit from learning programs, or opt for a customized course that matches all aspects of their specific needs.

The topics covered in these sessions can be also provide a deeper understanding of modern control systems in general, regardless of source vendor.


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Loredana Di Alessio

I’m responsible for the Symphony Plus training center within Power Generation. I strongly believe that knowledge makes us free and accountable. That’s why I work to spread it all over.
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