Teaser Trailer – Luminale Festival 2014 opens with robotic light art

An ABB Robot is lighting up the night as a piece of light art at the 7th annual Luminale Festival in Frankfurt Germany from March 30-April 4, 2014.

This teaser trailer gives just a glimpse of what you can expect to see in the heart of Frankfurt at the Hauptwache, where more than 180,000 people pass by daily.

The installation was the result of a collaboration between ABB and the architectural group realities:united. The robot is an IRB 6640, normally used for welding and other industrial activities, but during the festival it has more creative pursuits.

During the day it plays with a functional roof while at night it switches to holding a large lamp and purposely moving it through a series of “kata” martial arts movements. It is this type of movement that leads to the name of the installation, “ArKata,” a mash-up between “architecture” and “kata” referring to the poses attained in Asian martial arts.

If you’re going to be in Frankfurt during this time, please come down and find out what it’s all about. You can also take some time to see all the other light art installations spread across the city for the Luminale Festival.




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