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A roundup of the most interesting science and technology news published on the Web

1. Google in your homes

Everyone is always talking about Google anyway, but this week they made front-page news with their purchase of Nest Labs for a mere $3.2 billion. That’s a lot of money (although probably not for Google), but more importantly what does it mean for the industry? And what’s next, the world?

READ: Google and Nest: The Big Picture for Home Automation Competitors

2. Google in your eyes

It’s a busy week for Googlers. They’re testing “smart” contact lenses that will help diabetes sufferers better monitor their blood sugar levels through tiny glucose sensors and a chip that can collect the information for you.

READ: Google Contact Lens Will Measure Glucose Levels in Tears

3. Print chocolate

Hershey’s, one of the world’s biggest chocolate makers, announced a deal to develop a 3D printer that will make chocolate and a variety of edible products. Reminding us that we ate too much chocolate last month, and that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

READ: Hershey’s to Make 3-D Chocolate Printer

4. And more 3D!

Also jumping on the 3D bandwagon is Adobe, who added new tools to their Photoshop software that will allow users to create and edit designs for 3D printing.

READ: Adobe Adds 3D Printing Tools to Photoshop

5. And the least efficient mode of transport is …

… you guessed it! It’s cars. A new report from the University of Michigan Research Institute shows that basically all modes of transportation are more efficient than cars are.

READ: Planes, Trains, & Pretty Much Everything Else More Efficient Than Cars

6. India goes solar

India is one of the most power-hungry countries in the world, but the solution to their problems may be closer as they focus on harnessing the power of the sun.

READ: Sun to Occupy Centre Stage in India’s Energy Mix

7. Not fast enough

Even though there were many articles in 2013 that talked about how scary it could be if we don’t act fast on climate change (many pieces mentioned in our weekly roundups), the U.N. warned this week that it could cost us more than just the Earth’s safety, but also trillions of dollars in the long run if we don’t take it seriously. And quickly.

READ: U.N. Says Lag in Confronting Climate Woes Will Be Costly

8. Energy efficiency

The folks at MIT have done it again. In an ode to Energy Efficiency month at ABB, we mention a new circuit design that will significantly improve the energy efficiency of many consumer electronic devices.

READ: Improved Electronic Energy Efficiency Thanks To New Laptop Adapter From MIT

9. More energy efficiency

If being more efficient was one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2014, then check out this list of 10 ways to do just that. My favorite: shorter showers and flushing less.

READ: 10 Low-Tech Tactics For Living More Sustainably

10. China and coal

As much as China is trying to curb its carbon footprint, they simply can’t keep up with the damage from coal power plants, as this map shows.

READ: This scary map shows the health impacts of coal power plants in China



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