What can we expect from this year’s World Economic Forum?

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What we want to see in Davos, the most exclusive conversation in the world.

Forget awards season in Hollywood. Far away from “la la land,” the real show goes on this week at the annual World Economic Forum, or as some like to call it, the “ski holiday with suits.” The media will swarm to see world leaders and powerful CEOs discuss the world’s most important issues against the backdrop of the beautifully snowy mountains of Davos, Switzerland.

The theme for this year’s discussions at WEF is “The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Society, Politics and Business.”  With the improvement in the global economy has come rapid expansion and globalization, leading to a greater need for energy and resources, and also a higher carbon footprint. In particular, sessions like “The New Energy Context,” “Disruptive Innovation Ahead” and “The Global Energy Agenda” should prove to be very interesting and significant for future discussions, as well.

At the World Economic Forum on East Asia last June, ABB’s Haider Rashid addressed the growing need to find solutions to cope with urbanization, saying “3 and 1/2 billion people living in cities, another 3 billion to come – we’ve got to make those cities smart, otherwise we’re going to go the wrong way.” This year, ABB continues to influence the energy discussion with the attendance of several of its executives, including ABB CEO, Ulrich Spiesshofer.

Although this year’s sessions may be overshadowed at times by world leaders, banking executives, and even the likes of Hollywood actors like Matt Damon and Goldie Hawn, the real stars will be the talks about weighty topics like the state of world politics and resources, inequality, disruptive technology, energy and climate change.

It seems the whole world will be watching.  And so will we.

For more on WEF, look forward to our favorite quotes and highlights, here on Conversations this week. 

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