Elon Musk Tweets ABB! Cancer-fighting robots! The polar vortex, and more unmissable stories this week

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1. The sun is the future

Technically not a story from this week, but I just had to mention two great pieces on solar energy. 2013 was a huge year for solar and renewable energy in general, but 2014 is predicted to be even bigger.  And Elon Musk would agree (in a Tweet from December 21).

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2. Cancer-fighting robots

Normally, cancer treatments destroy all of the good in an attempt to fight the bad. But this “Bacteriobot,” which is essentially an intelligent, non-toxic salmonella bacteria, attacks only the bad, leaving the good parts unharmed – a huge development in the fight against the disease.

READ: Cancer-Fighting Nanorobot May Be Able to Target Tumors, Spare Healthy Tissue

3. Temperatures down + thermostats up = energy use like never before

Icy eyelashes, frostbite and arctic temperature – this week’s deep freeze and record temperature crippled most of the US. As you can imagine, energy use reached record levels, as well.

READ: Polar Vortex Drives Record Winter Energy Use in PJM

4. Saved by the wind

When I think of Texas, I think of two things: oil, and cowboy boots. Well now add wind power to that list, because apparently Texas is a “wind power superstar.” Which is a very good thing, because the Arctic chill put a strain on the Texas power supply it would not have been able to handle were it not for their abundance of wind energy.

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5. Not so fast …

It looks like the space station will stay put for at least several years beyond the original 2020 end date. Which makes sense, seeing as how it cost a mere $100 billion to build, and was completed only three years ago! Which means Lady Gaga can probably have her wish of performing concerts up there soon enough.

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6. “Top 10” tired yet?

The new year signals a slew of top 10 lists from the year prior. I suppose it’s good to look back in order to understand the way forward. In that vein, here are 10 energy highlights from 2013.

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7. The year of the “cloud”

New buildings are being built to be cleaner, smarter and more efficient. Here a list of some of the trends for the upcoming year.

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8. It’s an EV world

So much negative press around electric vehicles in the US last year, but you wouldn’t know it from the incredible spike in sales in 2013.

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9. Speaking of EV’s …

Growing up in a loud city, I never found cars to be quiet in nature, quite the opposite! But when they’re too quiet, as is the case with electric vehicles, they can become a danger to cyclists and pedestrians. So with so many more of them on the roads, there is a scramble to make the newer ones purr just a little bit louder.

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10. The next next “big” thing

The amount of information out there is overwhelming, even frightening. But how can we process and maintain it all, in a secure and positive way? Read what some professionals in the smart grid world have to say about it.

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