Innovative design leaves its stamp of authority

ABB PASS MOS 420kV hybrid high voltage switchgear

High voltage products are perhaps better known for technical features like reliability, availability, flexibility etc. than for design attributes or aesthetics.Product characteristics are of course of utmost importance for such products but then again how many people can remember the engine displacement of the famous Mercedes 300SL?

Yet everyone remembers the beautiful gull wings of this legendary car launched in the early ’50s.  In fact – dedicated postage  stamps were commissioned to mark the occasion!

The PASS M0S is a 420 kV hybrid high voltage switchgearis quite impressive in terms of dimensions. It is eleven and half meters long and its total weight is approximately ten tons. Yet it is considered to be a very compact solution in its category and can result in space savings of up to 50 percent in the footprint of the substation where it is installed, compared with a comparable air insulated substation.

As a unique design feature, th bushings can be rotated from service to transport position and vice-versa, in less than 30 seconds for each bushing.Thanks to this feature, the product can be delivered pre-assembled and pre-tested, so that once it arrives on site, the module can be operational within 24 hours saving immensely on erection and commissioning time. (Traditional switchgear technology can take on average 15 days.)

A masterpiece in its own right – perhaps even worthy of a postage stamp!


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  • Chris Watkin

    Great work Domenico...! You are right in that this product will certainly lead the way in substation construction in the future... complete with 'gullwing' bushings. A Classic in the making..!