Discover a new way to explore the potential of energy efficiency

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Raising awareness about energy efficiency is a crucial step toward realizing its potential. A new interactive report even makes it fun to learn about.

ABB has released its new “Trends in global energy efficiency” report with the aim of raising awareness of how energy can be used more efficiently in both industry and by utilities.

Awareness is crucial, because until people know about the potential of energy efficiency and the options that exist to realize that potential, they cannot be expected to take action.

Removing barriers

The report is based in part on a survey, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, of 300 executives in the manufacturing and utility sectors. Two of the most frequently cited barriers to investing in energy efficiency measures are the lack of a clear cut financial case for such investments (37 percent) and a lack of information about the options (21 percent).

As well as interviews with manufacturing executives, “Trends in global energy efficiency” includes reports on the evolution of energy intensity and policy in 46 countries, and a global overview which shows what can be achieved with existing best practice and technology in a variety of energy intensive industries.

Big potential

It reveals, for example, that if all regions generated power from fossil fuels as efficiently as the average of the top 10 nations the savings would total 700 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe). The potential for the steel and cement industries based on today’s best practice is a further 300 Mtoe.

The total potential savings from these three industries alone is equivalent to the energy consumption of about 500 million Chinese or 150 million Americans, and that’s with technology that is already in use around the world.

Let us entertain you 

But I’ve been saving the best till last. Today’s report is the second to be issued by ABB – the first was in 2011 – and the current edition includes a range new tools to help users find the information they need quickly and in a form that they can easily share. If you want to locate the most energy efficient economies and sectors, for instance, explore the interactive tool based on the research of energy data company Enerdata.

I’m convinced that greater awareness about energy efficiency will take us a big step closer to achieving its full potential. What do you think?

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