Watch our ABB robots handle Toblerone chocolates with care

Carefully stacking and wrapping these delicious goodies for us all.

With the holidays just around the corner, and even Valentine’s Day a mere three months away, we’ve all got chocolate on the brain.

And, Toblerone chocolates, instantly recognizable by their unique shape – modeled after the most iconic of Swiss mountains, the Matterhorn – are among the most beloved sweets in the world.

Image courtesy DavidMartynHunt on Flickr

It used to be that you could only get Toblerone in these large bars. And usually bought when passing through a European airport, in my experience!

Image courtesy haldean on Flickr

Kraft Food, the makers of Toblerone bars, recently made them available in smaller, individual portions, and ABB robots handled and individually packaged these delicious treats.

Watch this video to see how our ABB robots handle Toblerone chocolates.

For more information on how ABB robots help create Toblerone chocolates, click here.


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