The top 10 ABB Robotics videos from 2013

Robots come alive on video—and this year we've stepped up our game substantially.

From documenting the successes of our hero customers to launching high profile products in new and more engaging ways, video is at the heart of how we like to tell the stories of our robots and the solutions they provide. Over the last year we’ve made it a point to increase the output of our videos as well as make them more appealing to a broader audience. Think of it as telling the whole story and wrapping it in a context meant to hold the viewer’s attention through to the end.

It’s modern storytelling for a new era, and as the Global Editorial and Content Manager for ABB Robotics I take great pride in the quality of videos we’ve been producing recently. We’ve made many more than the selection you see below and you can check them all out on the popular ABB Robotics YouTube channel, but in the meantime here are the top 10 videos by views to date for 2013.


(1) Packing Furniture

Swedwood make Pax wardrobes exclusively for IKEA. They employ 30 ABB robots to pack the wooden panels in cartons for shipping and produce 2.6 million wardrobes per year. To guarantee maximum uptime, their robots are connected to ABB support engineers using ABB’s Remote Service technology.


(2) Innovative Packaging Solutions

ABB Value Provider XPAK pride themselves on “thinking outside of the frame” when it comes to designing innovative packaging equipment. They have now integrated ABB robots into their Robox packing machinery to add flexibility and reduce footprint size.


(3) Introducing the IRB 6700

The new generation IRB 6700 family of robots are the highest performance robots in the 150-300 kg class, and are designed to provide a life time of affordability and reliability. They have has  20 percent lower Total Cost of Ownership thanks to a  more robust  design, longer service intervals and simplified maintenance.


(4) Palletizing Cartons

ABB Authorized Value Provider Foodmach have created Robomatrix, a revolutionary new palletizing solution employing ABB robots to increase speed and flexibility of automated palletizing. The system combines the speed of traditional palletizers with the flexibility of robots.


(5) High Speed Packing of Frozen Fish

When family owned food processor Simplot looked to improve the Operational Health and Safety of its manual frozen fish packing operations in Australia it turned to ABB robots for the solution.
Systems integrator, A&RT installed a robotics pick and place system including 9 ABB FlexPicker robots which pack up to 900 pieces of frozen fish per minute.


(6) Dual Arm Concept Robot at iREX 2013

At iREX 2013, ABB Robotics took the opportunity to show a vision of what dynamic small parts assembly solution could look like in the real-world by presenting just one of the development projects for our Dual Arm Concept prototype robot. The cell on display has been operating in an actual manufacturing environment for many weeks and has assembled tens of thousands of eStop switches for one of our ABB Low Voltage businesses. In fact, at iREX the demo assembled more than 16,800 switches over the course of 3 days.


(7) Automotive Body Assembly – Ride the Line

The assembly of auto car bodies (Body in White) is a complicated task employing a range of high tech processes. In this movie we have bought that process to life by enabling you to “ride the line” and witness at close proximity the range of technologies used . Starting from the transfer of the underbody you will see Gluing, Framing, Spot Welding, Assembly, Materials Handling, Vision Guidance, Laser Brazing, Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, and Polishing. Enjoy the ride.


(8) Technology Days 2013 Flyover

ABB Robotics hosted over 1,000 people during its annual Technology Day event May 15, 2013, at its North American headquarters and training center in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The 55,000 sq ft exhibit floor included over 40 live robot related demonstrations from ABB and over a dozen peripheral equipment providers. The program also included 45 small-group, topic-specific seminars on many of the same technologies featured on the demo floor.


(9) Primary Food Packaging Solutions

ABB Value Provider JLS Automation has become one of the go-to companies for helping primary food packaging customers make the switch to robotics. Starting about 15 years ago JLS began building their own gantry robotic systems, but as prices for industrial robots were coming down and new technologies pioneered by ABB emerged on the market, JLS saw an opportunity they couldn’t pass up: signing on to integrate ABB’s FlexPicker “delta-style” high speed robotic pickers.


(10) Lost Wax Mold Assemble & Weld

Investment casting has been around for 5,000 years and its fundamentals haven’t changed all that much. But ABB robot integrator, family-owned MPI, Inc., based in Poughkeepsie, New York, has made it a priority to create innovative, robot-based wax room equipment that is designed to change the investment casting process forever.


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