The top 10 ABB Robotics posts from 2013

Counting down the top 10 posts in Robotics for 2013 is a stroll through memory lane—and a great way to close out Robotics Month.

I’ve seen some pretty interesting and off-beat stories about ABB Robotics come by my desk this year, including cameos in Hollywood blockbusters and entertainment on-board cruise ships. It was also the year ABB rolled out the Conversations platform for blogging–something the Robotics Business Unit has taken full advantage of.

Coming from a social media-based, modern journalism style background myself, the transition to a blogging platform has been a great one. Not only does it allow for a more “human” way of telling stories, but it also allows us to tell the stories as they come up, rather than always waiting for all the “pieces” to be in place (something we still do quite a lot of mind you).

As a way to close out Robotics Month here at ABB, I wanted to count down the top 10 posts (by pageviews) that Robotics has had on Conversations… because, let’s face it, without Conversations and the rapid change within ABB towards embracing a new way of telling our stories and the stories of our customers, we wouldn’t really be able to do any of this.

We’ve already counted down our top 10 videos from 2013, and here are our top 10 posts:


(1) Iron Man 3 + ABB Robots = Fun and Games

“When it comes to spotting our robots in movies, playing games as an adult turns into a professional endeavor” [LINK]


(2) Watch our ABB robots handle Toblerone chocolates with care

“Carefully stacking and wrapping these delicious goodies for us all.” [LINK]


(3) Robotic art……….. from a distance

“One artist, two robots and three cities: Painter creates a work of art in Vienna – while ABB robots create the same picture in London and Berlin.” [LINK]


(4) The first ever Robotics month at ABB! A November to remember

“What better way to celebrate the transition to autumn than by focusing on something as fun and futuristic as robots?” [LINK]


(5) Robots and jobs, a nuanced issue

“Judging by some of the headlines around the world it would be easy to conclude that robots are the source of our employment problems. The reality is far more nuanced.” [LINK]


(6) Top 10 robotics firsts from ABB

“We’ve been making robots for almost 40 years now, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’ve racked up a number of important firsts in the industry.” [LINK]


(7) At 500 items per minute, a legendary robot gets even better

“It was the world’s first “spider-style” picking robot—an original that set the standard for others to copy—and now the IRB 360 FlexPicker does it again.” [LINK]


(8) Industrial robots are more humanoid than you think

“Complete with a body, double-jointed shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists, industrial robots are as much modeled after the human form as Michelangelo’s David.” [LINK]


(9) Automation goes back to the future—with beer

“By combining a two century-old brewery with state of the art robots you get a company brimming with tradition that knows how to compete in the modern world.” [LINK]


(10) Managers of the future

“Robots are having a huge impact on the economy and providing benefits beyond what was once imaginable–but also creating new challenges to overcome.” [LINK]

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