The blackout of 2003: “It still doesn’t make sense to me that the grid was that vulnerable”

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1. And suddenly it went dark

I know, I was there. It was truly scary, particularly so soon after the 9/11 attacks. But what really happened? And what’s being done to prevent something like this from happening again?

WATCH: The Day the Lights Went Out

2. More energy to meet a higher demand

The world has more energy than ever before, largely due to “improved energy production and conversion technologies.” I suppose that is good news, though I wish renewables made up a higher percentage of the pot.

READ: Report: The World Has More Energy Resources Now Than Ever Before

3. Pick me up

Tesla won’t stop until they conquer all of the best-selling vehicle markets out there. Although I find it difficult to believe that those on the market for an F150 would be interested in going green.

READ: Elon Musk: Tesla Is Planning To Make An Electric Pickup Truck similar to Ford’s F150

4. Latest Greenpeace target: fashion

It’s not just about the fur and animal skin, fashion production is poisoning waters throughout the world. And it doesn’t stop there – the toxins are embedded in our clothes, and released into the ocean once we wash them. Adam and Eve had it right all along.

READ: ‘Beautiful Fashion Shouldn’t Cost the Earth’: Greenpeace

5. Crashing on purpose

The robots that searched through the hazardous rubble left behind in the 9/11 attacks weren’t capable of navigating around walls and corners. Enter the GimBall, which can intelligently maneuver through tight spaces, helping us improve search-and-rescue missions.

READ: GimBall: The Flying Robot That Likes To Crash

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6. Red, white and blue (and green)

State politicians in the U.S. have really upped the “green” ante over the past 10 years. Although many on this list are western states as expected, there are some on this list that may surprise you.

READ: The Top 10 Most Energy Efficient U.S. States

7.  Cordless EV charging

As the world is slowly starting to embrace electric vehicles, they’re already exploring the possibility of wireless EV charging. Apparently you simply park your car, and it charges up. Very cool, indeed.

WATCH: Qualcomm Halo Wireless EV Charging Video

8. Calm down

So, a robot rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on Tuesday, and now we’re worried about them taking over the work force. A bit of a leap, perhaps? There are plenty of reasons to invest in robots, but not enough reasons to worry about them stealing our paychecks just yet.

READ: Robot Rings Closing Bell on Nasdaq, Will it Take Over Your Job Next?

9. A 3D Printer Will Head to Space

This means they won’t have to shuttle back to Earth from the space station in case they need replacement parts. (When they send the printer up there, can they also return Lady Gaga to her home?)

READ: How NASA Will Use 3D Printers in Space

10. And the awards go to…

If you’re planning on building an eco-friendly structure, this top-10 list is for you.

READ: The Envelope, Please: BuildingGreen’s Top 10 Green Picks For 2014





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