Robotics Month at ABB — catch up on what you may have missed

If anybody ever doubted there wasn't enough to say about ABB robots and robotics every day for one month, read on.

Robotics Month is still going strong. Here’s a recap:


(1) Launch of the IRB 6700 — new generation of high performance robots

Visit the landing page for the new robot.

Watch the video:


(2) International Robot Exhibition 2013 in Tokyo

Several posts live from the show:

Our Dual Arm Concept turned many heads:


(3) China International Industry Fair 2013

ABB wins an award at China Fair


(4) Tag along with a Grumpy Old Robot — our mascot for the month (and beyond)

He just learned how to use Twitter, and he’s happy to share the grump. Follow him for some good laughs and poignant commentary.


(5) Praxair-TAFA Thermal Spraying with ABB Robots

Read the article here.

Watch the movie:


(6) Keeping manufacturing in the US at Baldor with ABB Robots

Read the article here.

Watch the movie:


(7) FabTech 2013 in Chicago

Our review from the show floor.


(8) Other topical posts


(9) Other topical movies

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