Are robots better drivers than humans?

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In honor of ABB robotics month, this week’s roundup of the most interesting robotics news published on the Web

1.  Robot chauffeurs?

So the computer is better at playing chess, and now robots are better drivers than people? Us humans could start to have an inferiority complex. (Although judging the way some people drive, it may not be such a bad idea).

READ: Data Shows Google Robot Cars Are Smoother, Safer Drivers Than People

2. Create your own digital prodigy

Because your child can never be too young to learn how to code.

READ: This Robot Can teach Programming To Your 5-Year Old

3. Robots join the ranks

No longer to be caged on factory floors, robots become much more immersed in culture in the future, and will even take on roles in nursing and caregiving.  Just as soon as they can master using a light switch.

READ: Making Robots More Like Us 

4. Ciao, roboto!

Robots helping archaeologists discover deep tunnels in the Rome the way they never could before.

READ: Robots Take On Rome

5. Fields of robots

Robot farmers could lead to a serious increase in food production, which is why the United States Department of Agriculture is investing millions to make it possible in the future.

READ: Are There Robots Farmers In Our Future? The USDA Certainly Thinks So 

6. Robo trash collectors

They won’t even need to leave the truck to pick up our rubbish anymore.

READ: Trash Pickup ‘Robots’ to Begin Rolling Out in Hamden

7. Robo care

Robots can now help autistic children and care for the elderly.

READ: Robots Tackle Surprising Tasks

8. “The big challenge is to ensure that swarm robotics will be used for the betterment of mankind.”

People are a bit nervous about robots taking on more human tasks, but it goes beyond that. For example, these swarm robots are capable of doing things that humans cannot do as efficiently, like rescue efforts, pollution detection and monitoring, and even magnetic robots inserted into the body to fight cancer. Sounds pretty good to me.

READ: Hive Minds: How Swarm Robots Are Learning From Insects 


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