Will you line up for a new iPad?

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Robotic jellyfish hunters, the quote of the week and more in this week’s roundup of the most interesting science and tech news published on the Web

1. Better, faster, stronger…

It comes out in over 20 countries on November 1st, but watch this if you want a bit of a sneak peek at what to expect from the new iPad air and iPad mini.

WATCH: Apple iPad Air First Look: Fast, Fun and Gorgeous

2. A slow win is still a win

Carbon emissions in the U.S. have dropped significantly since they peaked in 2007, which is obviously great news.  Most interesting is that the report finds that this in part due to climate change (caused by, you guessed it, carbon emissions) making for warmer winters, thereby reducing the need for energy consumption. (Might have to read that one twice through.)

READ: Bye-Bye Carbon: The U.S. Is (Slowly) Winning the Carbon Emissions War

3. “I’ve had the Turkish mafia after me, so bring it on baby.”

Quote of the week, obviously. Read on to find out what happens when a billionaire, who built much of his fortune on fossil fuels, fights the installation of wind turbines, referring to them as “visual pollution.”

READ: Koch Brother Wages 12-Year Fight Over Wind Farm

4. Germany’s energy revolution

The three reasons why Germany is pushing for renewable energy so hard, despite it costing so much.

READ: 3 Reasons Germans Are Kicking Ass & Taking Names With Renewable Energy

5. Mister roboto

From the vacuuming Roomba, to the bionic hand and even a reproductive robot, here are some of the best robotics innovations of the past 10 years.

READ: 14 Robotics Breakthroughs From the Past Decade

6. It’s getting ugly

It’s not all just politicians who engage in smear campaigns …

READ: Arizona Utility Funds Solar Smear Campaign, Saying It Is ‘Obligated to Fight’

7. It’s just 2 degrees…

… but it’s detrimental to the Earth’s future. It’s estimated that there needs to be at least $5 trillion of investment in clean energy in order to curb the rise in global temperatures. Given the recent drop in investment, we may miss the very urgent mark.

READ: Global Climate Spending Falling Further Behind Target: Report

8. Widescreen takes on a whole new meaning    

I’m just waiting for Tom Hanks to dance around on this thing.

READ: Microsoft Erects a Giant Surface Tablet In the Center of London

9. Denial: It’s not just a river in Egypt

Natural disasters around the world are far more rampant these days, and the current wildfires in Australia (though expected in the region) have come far earlier in the year, and are a lot worse than usual.  Although it’s yet been proven, it seems it’s likely due to climate change. But the prime minister, who also wants to do away with the carbon tax in 2014, doesn’t see the connection.

READ: Climate Change Affects Australia’s Epic Wildfires – No Matter What Prime Minister Says 

10. Do you like jelly fish?

No, you don’t. Nobody likes jelly fish. And due to climate change (a recurring theme in this week’s round up), there are a lot more of them. They don’t just leave the most painful – and sometimes deadly –  stings ever, they also affect power stations, fishermen and more.  Enter our potential new heroes – “robo jelly fish hunters.”

READ: Robochop: An Automated Jellyfish Exterminator Takes to the Sea




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