U.S. government shutdown: could the lights go out?

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1. What shutdown?

Ok, ok – we all know about the U.S. government shutdown. But why should you care about it? Maybe you don’t care, unless you’re an out-of-work U.S. government worker. But if you care about energy, you’ll read this. (And if you want to read some hilarious social media around the shutdown, you’ll read this. Oh, and this.)

READ: A Crash Course On How a Government Shutdown Could Impact Energy

and READ: 7 Ways the Government Shutdown Is Bad For Treehuggers

2. ůkkslmm solar panel, $9,200

At one point or another, you will own a piece of IKEA furniture in your lifetime. It’s an inescapable fact. And you will put it together for hours if you’re anything like me (dining-room table + me + drill = 4 sad, frustrated hours). So it’s a good thing this solar panel needs no assembly, available in some IKEA stores in the UK.

READ: No Assembly Required: IKEA Sells Solar Panels for Your House

3. Sheldona Cooper?

It doesn’t help that school principals don’t place girls into physics and high-level math courses because “girls never go on in science in math.” Really. Read this and get angry with me.

READ: Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science? 

4. You’re no Steve Jobs!

No, that’s true, Mr. Bushnell. Tim Cook is not the next Steve Jobs. That’s because he’s Tim Cook. And the moment people start realizing that, they will stop placing so much unnecessary pressure on the folks at Apple. Also, how is Atari doing, Mr. Bushnell?

READ: Atari Founder: Tim Cook Isn’t the ‘Next Steve Jobs’ 

5. Down is better than up (at least in this case)

Since it reached its peak of carbon dioxide emissions in 2007, the U.S., one of the worst culprits, has managed to reverse the trend.

READ: U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Down 11% Since 2007

6. Bad timing?

Apparently, some Greenpeace activists were trying to protest oil drilling in the Arctic, just as an entire fleet of Russian military ships were being dispatched to that very same area in a televised, momentous moment of post-Soviet glory. Oops.

READ: Russia Takes On Greenpeace and Stakes Its Claim to the Arctic

7. Prove it

I guess it’s not enough that climate change costs the world, and its future. If we can show big companies that behaving in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way will actually help their bottom line in the long run, then maybe they will do it. Well, some billionaires are funding a study that will help prove it with some facts and figures.

READ: How Much Does Climate Change Cost Companies?

8. Win-win 

What if your gym workout could actually produce energy? Well, first I actually have to start going to the gym. But if I could help power something in the end, that would be truly amazing. (Although if someone could actually give me a little extra energy to do the workout in the first place, that would be even better.)

READ: Gym Workouts Generate Electricity in Bristol

9. I shall never fly again!   

Now this guy really took the latest, and quite frightening, IPCC report personally.

READ: Meteorologist Breaks Down Over Climate Report, Vows Never to Fly Again

10. Agree to disagree

Take notice, U.S. congress! Sometimes, even if you don’t agree on everything, you can still make nice and do what’s best for everyone else.

READ: European Official: U.S., E.U. Climate Collaboration Despite Policy Divide


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