The first ever Robotics month at ABB! A November to remember

What better way to celebrate the transition to autumn than by focusing on something as fun and futuristic as robots?

Here at ABB Robotics we always have tons of good things to say about our products, our future vision and how proud we are of what our customer heroes do on a daily basis with our technology.

In the last year alone the Head of ABB Robotics, Per Vegard Nerseth, has taken a stand on the issue of Robots and Jobs, we have released an incredible amount of new products and technologies that make designing, installing, programming, running and servicing robots much easier and we have accelerated our transition into the “3rd Era of Robotics”—which will be dominated by humans and robots working closely together (known as collaboration in the industry). On top of that, our customers have been singing the praises of ABB Robotics from the packaging to the foundry industries and beyond. It’s really enough to make us blush.

And let’s face it—robots are so cool that all of this is incredibly fun stuff to be involved in.

So when we were approached by ABB Group Communications to be honored with their first ever month devoted to Robotics we were thrilled. As such, November 2013 has been designated by ABB Group as Robotics Month. And what a perfect month it is for such an honor! Over the course of November we’ll be releasing some very important new products (stay tuned!!) and will be exhibiting around the world from three high profile events in China, Japan and the USA. I’ll personally be reporting on events from Japan and the USA, and our Chinese colleagues will bring you news from there.

Expect daily posts, new movies and other interesting content thrown in just for fun. If you’re on Twitter, you may want to pop on over to start following @GrumpyOldRobot. He’s our official mascot of the month with a cantankerous attitude and a 40-year perspective on the robotics industry. While you’re at it, you should follow ABB Robotics on both Twitter @ABBRobotics and Facebook for photo libraries, timely updates and impromptu games throughout the month. Everything related to robotics month will be linked to on our Twitter and Facebook accounts using the hashtag #roboticsmonth. So if you want to make us aware of something cool in the world of robotics—especially if it’s ABB related—feel free to use that hashtag as well.

And if you’re at one of our events and you follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds, you may even end up with you and your company’s name posted with a picture of you next to one of our “traveling” robots. Just a fun side benefit.

Everything kicks off next week with some great news from both the China International Industry Fair in Shanghai and the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo. At both events, the ABB booth will be filled with products and technologies showcasing ABB’s innovation, global reach, future vision and system of complete solutions. Later in the month we will also be reporting from the FABTECH trade show in Chicago. Along the way we’ll reminisce about the history of robots at ABB as well as place a keen eye on the coming “3rd Era of Robotics.” Plus, for good measure (and we wouldn’t be a global family without it!) we’ll be highlighting several of the cool things our customers are doing with our robots.

Stay tuned. This will be a Robotics November to Remember.

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Anne Waltenberger

I joined ABB Robotics Marketing Communications team in 2005 and have become passionate about both Robotics and Communications. I think I have the best job in the world. Being the Global Communications Manager for the most exciting product ABB has to offer and working with so many talented and skilled people from all over the world is a true pleasure. I have a degree in Linguistics, Psychology and Literature and benefit from them when trying to explain why robots can help to make this a better world.
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