Breaking the cycle of being too busy

I'm too busy to write a blog....

That’s my excuse for not having posted for some while but it’s the excuse that everyone uses.

“I’m too busy to do anything about making improvements” is the best one that I’ve heard.  Actually that’s the time when improvements are paramount as the other phrase that comes to mind is “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”. Thus I’m writing this blog even though I’ve got so much else to do. It’s my way of telling myself that I can fit everything in and that it’s just a case of deciding what’s important and doing it. The key being “important”.

At the moment the Health & Safety Executive are driving those top and lower tier COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) organisations to develop a competency management system. Many of them are feeling swamped by the perceived enormity of the task but the get out of jail free card for them is that they only need to start with what is ‘critical’ to process safety. Narrowing down the scope will allow them to install and embed the systems required (and many of them probably already exist to some degree but are not all joined up), and over time can be extended to other less critical areas (if deemed important enough).

So in summary, it’s not good enough to blame time as the reason why we don’t improve or do something but it is about deciding how to break the cycle and to move on. I’ve broken the cycle of not writing blogs by doing this one. Watch out for a few more soon.

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Dave Dyer is a principal consultant within the Operations Improvement team in ABB Consulting. His speciality is in bringing sustainable change and operational benefits to an organisation through the engagement of its people. He hopes to share good ideas and good practice, to inform and to learn.
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