4 unofficial ABB music videos that will make you smile

In their free time, ABBians make Finnish rock, Gangnam Style and Bollywood pop music videos

At the ABB headquarters, we don’t have a room full Nintendo Wiis, foosball tables and Guitar Hero battles. I can live with that. But put a bunch of fun, smart people together for long enough and you’re bound to get some outpouring of creative energy.

Over the last year, a bunch of that raw, jiggly talent has surfaced at ABB offices around the world, and the following music videos were born. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t what MIT had in mind when they voted ABB one of the top innovative companies. It doesn’t matter. These videos are just plain fun.

ABB Style, Gangnam Style parody

Topping the list was ABB Style, a parody of the original Gangnam Style. Over 100,000 people saw this video on YouTube, surprising everybody in the company with how popular it became (and how talented the ABB team in China who made the video is).

Electric Lizard, Finnish rock band

In their spare time, these ABBians are making a go at Scandinavian rock stardom. The band, Electric Lizard, made it to the finals in the competition for the best company rock band in Finland. See the video below. To boost the band, upvote Electric Lizard with a like on the contest site. Watch their music video. They’ve even got a Facebook fan page.

” Without You”

Realizing their success with ABB Style, ABB China made a couple of other attempts to show that ABB’s Got (musical) Talent. This one really surprised me. Is this video’s star secretly really a famous performer? I give him an enthusiastic¬†Simon-Cowell-style “Yes! You’re going to the next round.”

“Jai Ho”

Last but not least, a group of ABBians got their Bollywood lip-syncing moves on.

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