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Networking forum in Berlin will take a holistic view of smart grids to examine why many projects currently fail to progress to large scale implementation

The World Smart Grid Forum, which starts in Berlin next week, has set itself the challenge of bringing together the industry’s leaders, including ABB, and technical experts to primarily examine why most smart grid projects fail to move into large scale implementation. While the complex human decision making process is thought to be at the core of this issue, there is an undeniable sense of urgency to better understand the current market and to define a clear path towards a sustainable grid that meets the world’s energy needs.

With that in mind, the forum aims to produce a high level assessment of the technical, regulatory and market  achievements since 2001, i.e. what has worked so far and what needs to happen in the future and by when.

The forum also aims to set itself apart from other smart grid events by not aligning itself with any particular technical or commercial slant; the focus will be on holistic topics covered in sessions such as the “Worldwide Industrial Efforts for Transmission Grid of the Future” , “Increasing the Intelligence of the Distribution Grid” and the “Evolution of the Distribution Grid”.

What is the smart grid’s role in the future of a sustainable society? The video below highlights some of ABB’s thoughts…




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