The top 10 quotes on energy and 9 more hot stories this week

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1. Who doesn’t love top 10 lists?

Especially ones that have great quotes, like “solar is growing so fast it’s going to overtake everything.” Yeah, we know.

READ: The Top 10 Quotes On Energy So Far in 2013 

2. If you want something done right …

… do it yourself.

READ: Berliners’ Co-op Aims to Take Over and Run Electricity Out of the City

3. Jumping on the bandwagon

Especially after seeing Tesla’s huge profit numbers last week, car companies are jumping at the chance to take advantage of the electric-vehicle trend.

READ: Automakers Compete to Launch Electric Cars

4. Catching waves…

It’s not the most popular or reliable of renewables as of now, but many think with enough research and investment it is very close to becoming so.

READ: Energy Department Investing $16mn On Wave and Tidal Energy Projects

5. Creating jobs by saving the environment

Often times the argument for not going green is the cost attached to doing so. But in this case clean-tech projects are leading to actual job creation.

READ: U.S. Creates 38,600 New Cleantech Jobs in Q2

6. “Energiewende”

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are not only important to the German government, but to the entire German public.  Here is a compilation of some interesting commercials catering to the German public’s desire to speed up the new standard. Wunderbar!

WATCH: Energy Commercials From Germany

7. Almost… but not yet

Harnessing the power of the sun is not yet on par with other forms of energy around the world, but it’s only a matter of (a little more) time.

WATCH: When Will Solar Be Cheap Enough?

8. Do you spend too long in the shower?  

We’re all guilty of it, particularly during those cold winter months, or after a long workout. Well this shower head actually changes colors as you shower, until it eventually turns bright red, letting you know you’ve overstayed your welcolme!

READ: LED Shower Head Helps You Save Water, Power, Gas, & Money! 

9. Let the sun shine in…

Slowly but surely, Africa is learning how to harness the power of the sun and provide power to the many villages that are so desperately lacking.

READ: Bright Sun, Bright Future: Can Africa unlock Its Solar Potential?

10. Congestion is not always a bad thing …

.. especially when it comes to the expansion of solar and wind power projects.

READ: Grid Congestion For Renewable Energy May Expand to South Japan

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