Robotic welding and cutting takes center stage at Schweissen & Schneiden 2013

It has been said that a good weld is all about the spark. "Sparking productivity with integrated solutions" captures this sentiment on many levels.

The crisp and cool feeling of autumn may be in the air here in Essen, Germany, but inside the Messe Essen convention center it is quite literally heating up with many of the live demonstrations going on at the world’s largest trade show devoted to welding and cutting: Schweissen & Schneiden.

For ABB Robotics, the Schweissen & Schneiden trade show is always an important venue to showcase our latest developments for the automation of welding and cutting–and this year is no different. With a great location (hall 3, right at the entrance, virtually unmissable), and experts on hand from both our German and international teams, the ABB booth is well-primed to welcome all attendees.

ABB’s integrated solutions on display at the show tell the story of everything we do, from our well-known robots, to our leading software to our responsive customer service. In fact, it is this integration of our story that truly sets ABB apart from the competition. We provide the whole package and deliver it to the globe–wherever and whenever you and your customers may be.

On the robot side we have integrated spot welding packages, as well as dressing solutions that are cost effective and make designing, programming, operating and maintaining our robots much easier. We are also highlighting our plug-and play system of robotic laser cutting, meant to take the guesswork out of complicated cutting procedures.

On the software side we are highlighting exciting improvements to our industry leading, PC-based, 3D virtual programming and simulation tool called RobotStudio. With improved graphics and a touch interface, RobotStudio now immerses you in the process of designing and programming robots in a virtual environment like never before. On top of this we’re showing off our innovations in bringing robot programming and operation into the next generation with commissioning tools that run from any Windows 8 based tablet. These tools allow for editing of robot programs on the fly, jogging of the robot without the traditional pendant, and easy calibration–all from your tablet and all truly groundbreaking stuff. Aside from this, much of our software development team is personally on hand with unprecedented access for all your robotics software questions.

On the service side we have a live demonstration of our remote service offering, detailing exactly how it works and showing our attendees, in real time on side-by-side monitors, what our remote service support personnel see back at the monitoring headquarters  while our customers are viewing the information on their MyRobot portal. This is all meant to make the process transparent and take away any questions about how the process works. It’s never been done before and provides a unique glimpse into the workings of very complex technology. Remote Service truly represents the future of service and a change from a “break-fix” philosophy to a proactive one in which any issues are identified before they result in serious problems.

You can feel the energy here. If you’re at Schweissen & Schneiden 2013 definitely stop by our booth and discover all the new innovations–we’re standing by to give you a grand tour.

Learn more at our Schweissen & Schneiden 2013 portal.


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