I do not own a car, so what?

I'm actually one of a growing number of people who have decided to abandon car ownership

Last week, a friend of mine said to me “Hey Cecile, we’re in 2013 and you don’t have a car!” So far I must say that people around me have made me feel unconventional, an outsider in a way. But surprisingly – at least for me – I’ve learned that I am actually one of a growing number of people who have decided to abandon car ownership and even driving. This is happening in the USA and in Europe

How to explain in short that I don’t need a car?
Actually (historically) I’ve never owned a vehicle. OK, I got my licence at the age of 19 but being a student at that time, I could not afford to buy my own. On the other hand, I’ve always lived in cities where the public transport is easily available.

So what?
I’ve got the life style that goes along with my “no car situation”. Today my home is close to the bus, tram and rail lines. I commute every day to work. In the evening and at week-ends I enjoy my neighborhood as well as the city of Geneva. If I want to visit my family or friends living outside Geneva I rent a car, same for holiday road trips. I am also thinking of a car sharing option should I need one for few hours – this service is available just around the corner.

Does it sound familiar to you?
The European Mobility Week, which runs from 16 to 22 September every year, is the most widespread event inviting everybody to try out alternatives to car use. ABB is joining the movement. What about you?

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Cecile Felon

I'm the global communications manager for the rail business of ABB, based in Geneva, Switzerland. My focus is on innovative and energy-efficient technologies for sustainable rail and road public transportation. When not working, I enjoy the city of Geneva. I have a growing interest in dynamic and creative cities from around the world shaping the future of mobility.
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