Hold the phone! Before you update to iOS 7, know this

A weekly roundup of the most interesting science and technology news published on the Web

1. iDon’t want to!

So many upgrades, so little time! If you haven’t already upgraded, read this piece before you do.

READ: What iPhone, iPad Users Need to Know About iOS 7

2. But you know you’re going to upgrade anyway …

… so here are the best-looking apps created especially for the new iOS.

READ: 20 Apps That Look Great on iOS 7

3. Electric avenue

Looks like everyone wants in on the Tesla action, now GM is working on an electric beauty to join what’s setting up to be some fierce competition in years to come.

READ: GM Working On $30,000, 200-Mile EV That Could Compete With Tesla Model E

4. It’s not easy being green

In a concerted, nation-wide effort to get power entirely from renewables, a look at Germany’s “greening” pains.

READ: Germany’s Effort at Clean Energy Turns Complex

5. Panda Poop Power

The title of the article is so good, I had to get it down twice. Apparently, substances that can be found in a panda’s gut can also help in biofuel production!

READ: Panda Poop Power

6. Taking power matters into their own hands

The recent string of powerful storms in northeastern U.S. have only highlighted the reliability, or lack thereof, of the power grid, forcing some cities to look at other options.

READ: Microgrids: A New Kind of Power Struggle in New York and Connecticut 

7.  Stricter limits

President Obama taking the important first steps toward renewable energy, making the U.S. less reliant on coal.

READ: Obama Takes On Coal With First-Ever Carbon Limits 

8. The Fifth Standard

And speaking of stricter regulations, China continues to push its environmental regulation, this time by tougher tests and aggressively lower vehicle emissions by the year 2018.

READ: Stricter Regulation Vehicle Exhausts 

9. The sun and the wind are stars

It’s cheaper, and it’s better for us. What are we arguing about, again?

READ: Solar Power & Wind Power Now Cheaper Than Coal Power in U.S.

10. Need some power? Just “Google” it

When they’re not busy doing the other millions things they do over there at Google, they also invest in renewable energy. AND, in order to power all that they do, they are buying their own renewable power. No big deal.

READ: Google Buys 240MW of Wind Power In Texas!



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