Fashion’s ‘power’ over us, and 9 more top stories this week

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A weekly roundup of the 10 most interesting science and technology news published on the Web.

1. Fashion victims

Fashion has some important lessons for the power sector, and I assume that one of them probably won’t be not to wear white after Labor Day.

READ: 3 Lessons Fashion Can Teach the Power Sector

2. Zero out

Researchers are discovering a way to wipe our memories clean of any traumatic events from the past. I’m sure we all have moments we would like to forget, but I think what would be REALLY useful is if others could forget those moments, too.

READ: Memories Can Now Be Created – and Erased – In a Lab 

3. HVDC boom

Now that we’ve figured out how to harness the sun, wind and waves for power, HVDC transmission is more crucial than ever.

READ: Renewable Energy Boom Could Create $90bn HVDC Market 

4. Forecast: Sunny

ABB made the move into solar PV this year, and these numbers show that we’re not the only ones who have faith in the growth of solar PV.

READ: The U.S. Installed 832 MW of Solar PV in Q2 2013 

5. And speaking of solar PV …

A look into how and why the industry has grown as much as it has over the past few years.

READ: How the Solar PV Industry Became a Phenomenon

6. One step closer to smarter cities

Educating and making companies and cities feel comfortable with smart grid technology is half the battle, and Singapore has a center to help manage the transition.

READ: DNV KEMA Sets Up Smart Grid Renewable Energy CoE in Singapore

7. It’s about time

Now that the G20 are actually addressing environmental issues, wherever will the world’s hippies protest now?

READ: G20 Countries Agree to Phase Down Potent Greenhouse Gas

8. The (solar) Love Boat?

I remember being awed by my solar-powered calculator and watch when I was a kid. And now cars, homes, planes and even large boats are being powered by the sun, too?!?

READ: The Planet’s Biggest Solar Boat Pulls Into Paris After 60,000

9. Obama’s “sweet” on Sweden

We all need someone to look up to, and it’s humbling to hear the U.S. president place Sweden, deservedly so, on a green pedestal.

READ: Obama Names Sweden a Model for Energy Policy – Here’s Why

10. New iPhone revealed!! And it’s colorful!!!!

(yawn) So what? Sure, it has some interesting new features, but the launch of yet another new iPhone has us a bit underwhelmed. Or are we just spoiled and demanding? You decide…

WATCH: Hands-On Impressions of the New iPhones


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