Energy energy energy. And less energy.

The headlines are swimming in energy topics these days, and many of them are admittedly much sexier than plain old energy efficiency.

Balancing economic recovery with climate protection, the fracking debate, and the future of nuclear are all at the forefront today.

What’s interesting to me however is that the lion’s share of  today’s hot topics focus on extending our supply, rather than curbing demand. These solve some short term issues and unarguably have helped many recovering economies find their footing. But, they don’t address one of our most fundamental energy challenges – breaking the connection between increased growth and increased energy use.

There is a war chest of proven technologies that can address energy efficiency today – solutions that can often pay for themselves in less than a year (i.e. they don’t need capex financing), solutions that don’t require subsidies, policy changes or global consensus, and solutions that complement – rather than challenge – production priorities.

ABB has just given a major update to its energy efficiency portal. This new site will serve as a showcase for a new, comprehensive report on trends in global energy efficiency, which will be published this October. You can also find a wide range of solutions for specific industries, from food and beverage to mining and automotive.

In addition, you can see the latest energy efficiency solutions in action:

Lastly, we invite you to enjoy new interactive features including blogs, polls that will allow you to share your insights and take part in the energy efficiency conversation. We also welcome your suggestions for the portal in general – let us know what you’d like to see more of, or what we can do better!

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I'm one of the many people sharing ABB's passion and great stories for robotics and industrial ingenu-ity. It’s exciting for me to be at the leading edge of a new age for one of the most fundamental things that people do - we make things. At the same time, the awareness has never been greater that economic progress, higher living standards and new ways of making things cannot come at the expense of our environment. I’m proud to contribute to this exciting and important discussion.
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