Test-tube burgers and 9 more meaty stories this week

If only it were this good! (Image courtesy of chichacha on Flickr)

A weekly roundup of the most interesting science and technology news published on the Web.

1.  Is that a schmeat sandwich?

In-vitro meat made the headlines this week. Apparently it took 2 years and over $300,000 to make, and doesn’t taste that great. Personally, I would prefer not to wait that long, or pay that much for my meal. And, I don’t care how it tastes – there is something all-too unappealing about a lab-grown hamburger (and I love hamburgers). But I suppose it will make a lot of vegetarians out there pretty happy.

READ: A Lab-Grown Burger Gets a Taste Test

2. This means war

As renewables make their way into the landscape and become an easier and greater reality, the big fight against them has only just begun. An interesting piece about why everyone should play nice.

READ: We’re Headed for an Electricity War: Here’s How to Stop It 

3. Smart grids: The next step

It’s not as simple as coming up with the technology. In order to fully embrace the idea of smart grids, consumers need to be educated about the potential positives (greener, more reliable and intelligent) before they can accept the negatives (less privacy).

READ: Smart Grids Need Smart Customers

4. The computer-brain relationship

Computers thinking and equating more like humans – it would make them smarter and better. At least that’s what “neuromorphic engineers” believe. Inside the quest for the computers of the future.

READ: The Machine of a New Soul 

5. Making truly bike-friendly cities

I was too scared to ride a bicycle when I lived in New York, even though Mayor Bloomberg made it one of his biggest initiatives to make it more conducive to doing so (and it’s still far from perfect).  But in order to make for greener cities, it’s important to make it safe and easy, and give them the right of way. Here are three cities that are getting it right.

READ: Would You Ride a Bike Superhighway? 

6. Another win for EV

Tesla shares rose handily, and that’s great news for Elon Musk and Tesla, but even greater news for the future of electric vehicles.

READ: Musk On Tesla Surprise: ‘We Feel Good About Where Things Are’

7. Fracking ridiculous!

An oil and gas company actually placed a gag order on two children from a family who settled with them, preventing them from ever talking about fracking ever again.

READ: Children Given Lifelong Ban on Talking About Fracking 

8. Even the sun isn’t free anymore?

An Arizona power utility tries to recover the costs of supporting a growing residential solar market, but will it thwart further development?

READ: No More Free Sun: Arizona’s Biggest Power Utility Wants to Tax Solar

9.  3D printing = cleaner Earth? Not so fast …

There is no doubt that this is one of the most amazing recent technologies. Everyone talks about how it will help eliminate waste and reduce carbon footprint, but that may be a bit of stretch …

READ: Is 3D Printing An Environmental Win?

10. Being green, while staying IN the green

In the quest to make cities greener, public transportation has become one of the key issues. How do we make public transport both easier for people to use and easier on the environment? All while keeping budgets balanced? Some examples here of how some cities are doing just that.

READ: How to Save $70 Trillion on Transportation Infrastructure


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