Driverless cars, and 9 more great stories this week

A rear view of a driverless car (Image courtesy of Deglibo on Flickr)

A weekly roundup of the most interesting science and technology news published on the Web.

1. Cars, minus drivers, equals better cities?

Great blog on the talk of driverless cars.. taking people out of the driver’s seat would make for more sustainable cities?  The way some people drive, it would definitely make for SAFER cities, yes. But is added sustainability a stretch?

READ: Driving Sideways

2. Sun IS shining …

And not only because it’s summer time.. the sun is a major player in creating power, and it’s about time, since the sun creates as much energy in a single day to power the entire Earth for a whole year.

READ: U.S. Solar Market Grew 76% in 2012

3. The solar powered journey

We have all been following the incredible story of the solar powered plane.. see a  great pictorial guide here.

READ: Solar Powered Plane Soars Across the U.S.

4. It can be done

“…the first time that a grid of this scale has been serviced by wind, solar and storage devices.” Brilliant.

READ: King Island Achieves 100% renewables – wind, solar, storage

5. Leading by example

Making the grids smarter, more reliable and more efficient.. two of the biggest U.S. cities show the rest how it’s done.

READ: California and Texas Smart Grid Success Shows Way Forward For US


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6. It’s an EV world!

So much for all of the negative press.. the gloomy headlines regarding electric vehicles say one thing, but 100% growth in sales say quite another.

READ: EV Sales Doubled in 2013 – Why?

7. Save for later

Energy storage has become a dominant factor in the surge in renewable energy.. steps closer to solving the puzzle.

READ: Thin, Flexible, Energy-Storing Glass Developed

8. Hot topic!

It seems 3D printing is to this decade what the Web was to the 90s.. some of the ups and downs of the emergence of this amazing technology.

READ: How 3D Printing Will Transform Business

9. Gotham goes green

He won’t stop at pushing a leaner and greener diet for New Yorkers..  Mayor Bloomberg is on a mission to create a greener city, too.

READ: New York Lays Out $20 Billion Plan to Adapt to Climate Change

10. A deluxe, zero carbon, hotel room?

Smaller hotels are seriously lessening their carbon footprint.

READ: Boutique Hotels Show the Sustainable Way




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