ABB will automate latest generating units of ‘coal-by-wire’ project in China

‘Coal-by-wire’ is a term that entails turning coal into electricity and transmitting it directly from the mine where it is produced, instead of transporting it to power stations and then to consumption centers.

Other than the investment factor, shipping coal creates transport congestion and other environmental problems. Transmitting electricity from the mine instead, where it is generated, is much more efficient.

The Fengtai Power Plant is part of a plan to integrate coal and power production in the southern Anhui Province, transmitting the electricity generated there to neighboring Zhejiang Province on China`s east coast. The plan is supported by Anhui`s giant Huainan coalfield, the nearest big mine to Zhejiang.  This model reduces the cost of power generation for provinces in east China, congestion  and environmental impact.

Fengtai comprises four 600 megawatt (MW) generating units. Units 1 and 2 were commissioned in 2008. Phase II encompasses units 3 and 4, which include two 660 MW USC (ultra-supercritical) power generators. USC generation increases steam cycle efficiency by reducing fuel and reagent consumption, solid waste, water use and operating costs.

To ensure that the power gets to where it needs to go, ABB`s SymphonyTM Plus total plant automation system will play a key role. The solution covers the entire scope of plant operations, including modulation control, furnace safety supervision, data acquisition, electrical control, bypass control, selective catalytic reduction, flue gas desulfurization, and condensate polishing.

ABB will also supply HTS (Harmony Training Simulator) software. This ‘virtual controller’ software kit is used to create realistic simulations to facilitate operator and maintenance training. Skills learned with the simulator are directly transferrable to the real DCS, which enhances operational efficiency and plant safety.

With the training simulator, users configure the Symphony Plus controller virtually on multiple computers, and can simulate communications across the system. HTS can also adjust simulation speed, making the training more flexible, and it supports full life cycle services, from logic tuning and verification in designing and engineering to operator training, production process verification and control strategy modification.

Efficient generation at the Fengtai Power Plant will help to maximize electricity supply  and help meet growing power demand in Zhejiang province.

Six power plants owned by Zhejiang Energy Group (the co-owners of the Fengtai Plant) already use ABB’s distributed control system and they have reposed their confidence in ABB technology once again.

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Symphony Plus e-brochure

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