Continuous Improvement, Safety and ‘Thinking outside the box’

As a big fan of continuous improvement I'm always in the market for examples of great innovation, so how about this one?

The operators of this machine feed the bricks into the machine via gravity, there are no moving parts, and the path is laid as the machine moves, it’s amazing!

Is this is an example of a great idea providing safety and getting operational improvement as a by-product or operational improvements bringing safety as a by-product?  Or is it a case of inherent safety through good design?  Or is it all three?

Whatever the driver it is still fantastic!

Image credit: free photos and art, under cc license via flickr, image is cropped

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Dave Dyer

Dave Dyer is a principal consultant within the Operations Improvement team in ABB Consulting. His speciality is in bringing sustainable change and operational benefits to an organisation through the engagement of its people. He hopes to share good ideas and good practice, to inform and to learn.
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