Can this black box help prevent blackouts? It can. And then some.

The SACE Emax 2 series circuit-breakers are equipped with protection trip units containing a large color touch-screen display for maximum ease of use.

"This is not just a circuit breaker, it’s also a power manager"

ABB’s new low-voltage circuit breaker, the Emax2, is the only one to both protect electrical circuits, and also reduce energy consumption based on our needs, thereby leading to massive reductions in energy waste and a lower carbon footprint.

But what makes it truly exceptional, is that it is all of that within a single device. And these breakers are used in everything from supermarkets and malls, to hospitals, ships and even data centers.

This is a huge breakthrough for circuit breakers. Whereas they have always served an important purpose in the prevention of short circuits and overloads, they are now intelligent, too. And that means it can do so much more.

This is not just a circuit breaker, it’s also a power manager. And it is the first of its kind. But what does that mean to you and what is exactly is it capable of? More than you can imagine. And here’s why you should care:

1) It saves a huge amount of energy – Think about this staggering fact: within ONE YEAR you save about as much energy as is consumed by all homes in the city of Berlin (population: above 3 million)!

2) It puts more money in your pocket – Installation* of the Emax2 breaker pays for itself in just one year. If only all investments had that kind of guarantee.

3) It can avoid power outages – Most power outages occur at peak consumption, as with recent blackouts in the U.S. or South Korea. The Emax2 can help to prevent an overload situation.

Finally, a way to consume nothing more than the energy we ACTUALLY need. Who would have thought that the power to consume LESS power was all inside of that box?

That’ll teach you to judge a book by its cover.


*Editor’s note: Correction – The EMAX2 breaker can be programmed in minutes.


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Pietro Esposto

I am Global Product Manager of Low Voltage Air Circuit-Breakers, responsible for the product strategy. I am leading the Emax 2 project and its outstanding team since 2008; our next commitment is its market introduction. I'm an electrical engineer and have worked at ABB for 13 years. I live close to the lake of Como and I recharge batteries by windsurfing, boating with my family and playing guitar with a rock band in pubs.
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