Mythbusting Data Center marketing trends

ABB expert Dave Sterlace presented a session on data center marketing trends at Automation & Power World 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Some highlights from Dave:

  • 2% of the world’s global energy is consumed by data centers, a carbon equivalent greater than the entire airline industry.
  • The EPA estimates it will take five years to double power usage.
  • Data centers consume 15 to 30 times more energy than a typical commercial office building.
  • Electrical construction costs can take up to 70% of the overall construction costs of data centers.
  • Currently the largest data center in the world is located in Chicago.  It is a 100MW facility comprising over 1.1 million square feet.  It’s power consumption is second only to O’Hare airport in the Chicago area.
  • The average cost of data center downtime is about $350,000 per hour.
  • The total loss due to downtime last year was estimated at $426 billion in the US alone.
  • IBM’s data center revenue in 2008 was over $40 billion

Mr. Sterlace addressed the question of whether tier levels are still relevant

  • Tier Levels were established by the Uptime Institute to define power system topology, higher the tier level, the higher the resiliency.
  • Only 2 Tier IV accredited Uptime Institute data centers exist in North America
  • Some info (ref 7×24 Fall 2010 conf) shows that dual redundancy leads to DECREASED availability
  • Many customers are using tiered “zones” within their data center.
  • Verdict:  Probably not as relevant as they once were
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