10 things we will do to stop wasting water…

If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down. Just one of many ways to save water. (Shutterstock)

... next week from Monday to Friday only during the day as long as it doesn't affect our lifestyle but still totally saves the planet.

On days like World Water Day, we call on each other to think about changes we could make in our everyday lives that would help to conserve resources. If we really think about it, we tend to waste tons of water on a daily basis.

But what can we do differently?

Ask yourself, do I really need to place just these 5 dishes into the dishwasher for an hour of flowing fresh water? No, of course – wait until it’s full and then turn it on. Do I really need to take this second shower? (Actually, if you’re asking that question then maybe yes, you do, so for the benefit of all go ahead and do so.) But surely there are some adjustments we could make to our lives and daily activities that would cut down on our footprint, without sacrificing too much of our comfort?

Well today on World Water Day, Patrick and Ilona will commit to carrying out these 10 actions next week, 5 each defined for the other, in order to help save some water.

5 things Patrick should (and shouldn’t) do to save water next week

1. Stop eating so many pastries. Patrick buys yummy goodies from the cart lady, every day, twice per day. Maybe limit it to once per day? Because the more of those crusty, almond-filled delicious gipflis you eat, the more likely you are to get thirsty (and fat). And the more likely you are to drink lots and lots of water.

2. Re-wear those pashminas. Patrick loves to carefully coordinate his many pashmina scarves, wrapped ever-so-delicately around his neck, with his elaborate outfits (laid out the night before, no doubt). Perhaps next week, limit it to one scarf, thereby eliminating the need for washing. And the need for so much water.

3. Eat some more veggies next week. Instead of that salty bratwurst and potatoes dish Patrick usually opts for, veggies have plenty of water in them, so it’s a great way to stay hydrated.

4. Grow a beard. Eliminating that daily shave can save gallons of water. And will probably go very well with that one pashmina. (You know, the one draped elegantly around your neck).

5. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” I’ll just leave it there.

5 things Ilona should (and shouldn’t) do to save water next week

1. Stop drinking totally overpriced coffee from 1 liter cups. It takes about 140 liters of water to produce one standard cup of coffee. And Ilona never settles for anything less than a supersize pot – for breakfast. Well, dear Ilona, you’ll just have to do with less coffee next week…

2. Don’t take a bath. I’m sure that’s a potentially life changing suggestion for any woman, but sometimes you have to think more about the environment and less about yourself. Besides, you can take a shower.

3. Don’t buy flowers. Not even if your guy won’t buy them for you (I mean: I’m pretty convinced he won’t buy them for you – which guy voluntarily buys flowers?). Flowers are a waste of water (growing them, shipping them and finally keeping them alive). And let’s face it: buying flowers for yourself is kinda depressing.

4. Stop eating salted sunflower seeds. If you ever happen to come by Ilona’s desk, chances are you’ll find a scattering of seeds – and Ilona picking away at them. Frankly, it irritates me. And statistically, it’s a major waste of water.

5. Dig a well. – Ok, you probably won’t get around to doing that next week. But instead, support one of the many other water projects there are worldwide. Although… on second thought, I don’t want to make it too easy for you: dig a well.

So, what will you do to help conserve water?

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