Working with ABB is “like a good marriage”

Robotic welding solutions powerhouse, AWL Techniek, likes working with ABB Robotics because they feel like part of the family.

Based in the Netherlands, AWL Techniek understands what it takes to work with a diverse group of customers spread out over a large area and still maintain intimate relationships. The welding solutions provider has been delivering world class and innovative automated robotic welding systems since the 1990’s—just about when robots became precise enough to make them useful for welding applications. As one of the first companies to see the potential in robots for welding, AWL has a large amount of experience to draw from and has been working closely with ABB Robotics for a couple of decades now.

In this regard, AWL’s relationship with ABB is like a marriage—something Brand van’t Hof, AWL’s Technical Director is keen to echo. “Our customers have shown a preference for ABB robots, which suits AWL well,” says van’t Hof. “This customer demand for ABB robots has resulted in a close relationship between AWL and ABB. Much like a marriage we have been through ups and downs in our long history together, but just like a good marriage we have also stuck together and consider ABB a valuable partner.” In fact, van’t Hof ‘s close relationship with ABB reflects how AWL likes to treat their own customers, and so the relationship is quite natural.

It is this long-standing, comfortable and intimate relationship with ABB Robotics that convinced AWL to join ABB’s new Value Provider Program. Van’t Hof is particularly happy with the relationship he’s developed with ABB Robotics’ research and development program, saying that many of ABB’s products fit his company’s needs better because he has had a direct influence in their development. The new Value Provider Program formalizes a process that has existed between ABB and its integrator partners such as AWL for a long time in a less formal way—namely the idea that using ABB robots makes you part of the ABB Robotics family. In this regard, van’t Hof’s marriage analogy is quite apropos. As part of the family, Authorized Value Providers receive sales, marketing, technical, application and service support.

“By joining the new Value Provider Program our input into the research and development process has been solidified, so we expect to see that relationship continue to evolve,” says van’t Hof. “At the end of the day we work together to find the solutions that set us apart and help us innovate. This is something our relationship with ABB has provided and something we truly value.”

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