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Improving operations and maintenance with remote optimization

Reliability is of concern to everybody. In our personal lives we rely on the devices around us to function as expected and when expected. When they don’t, this can seriously impact our means to work efficiently and effectively. Much the same is true for a large industrial plant, only that the value lost through downtime or waste is also much larger. But spending as much as possible on preventive maintenance cannot be the solution, as this also diminishes the plant’s profitability. So the solution is the smart scheduling of maintenance.

Plant managers are expected to maximize output while keeping costs at a minimum. Some may be tempted to sacrifice maintenance expenditures for an immediate improvement in profitability, but this strategy can adversely affect longer-term profitability: Spending less on maintenance degrades equipment, which leads to poorer performance and, ultimately, to reduced productivity and product quality. The inverse strategy yields the inverse result: increased production and improved quality. A purely reactive approach to service should be replaced by one that properly balances reactive and proactive behavior.

How can remote service boost performance and achieve savings in ways that traditional service models cannot?…Read more in our full article.

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