Get more out of your robotic automation projects

When it comes to creating customized solutions, today’s automation tools are better than ever and lead to great opportunities—even for small businesses

In general our clients request standardized robotic automation solutions, but at the same time they want them to be optimized for their specific needs. So although standardization is great for getting a project started, in the end what they’re actually looking for is a customized solution.

Using ABB’s RobotStudio—a PC-based 3D virtual programming and simulation tool—you can increase your customer’s productivity by offering customized solutions and additional functionality in line with their specific requests while maintaining a high level of the ease of programming that comes with standardization. Although most robot manufacturers offer their own form of PC-based “offline” programming tools, ABB’s RobotStudio might be the only one that’s based on the same software as the real controller, making it easy for you to meet your customers’ specific needs.

The fact that RobotStudio runs on VirtualRobot™ Technology, an exact replica of the software used by the real controller, means you can get started fast and avoid time-consuming translations between the actual system and the software. A win-win situation for you and your clients.

A real-life case: Kga Offline Center

Arc welding specialist Henrik Andersson has seen the great potential in RobotStudio to deliver customized solutions. He started Kga Offline Center about two years ago to help clients with offline programming and simulations. His concept has taken off and now his work situation is close to perfect: he can work from home using RobotStudio, ArcWelding PowerPac and Microsoft VisualStudio as his only work tools.

“Without RobotStudio I wouldn’t have been able to start this company. There was no other realistic option since my clients all use ABB robots,” Henrik says.

Using the RobotStudio SDK and Visual Studio Henrik has developed his own software solutions that extend and interact with RobotStudio in different ways. For example, he has designed a graphical report system, an add-in where his clients can create a visual report of their production results, even if they don’t have the welding drawings.

Improve your business

Henrik’s case shows that you can start this type of business and be successful without necessarily having to invest a lot of time and money, and it’s easy to get started. With this type of setup, there’s a lot to gain.

With a customized solution, you’re more likely to get happy clients and bigger projects. Additionally, you will likely optimize your client’s production and thereby improve your business.

And Henrik is not alone. We have seen a number of success stories just like his, where RobotStudio has created great business opportunities. If you’re interested in joining the ranks of successful RobotStudio users and need more information on how to get started, click here.

Are you already familiar with RobotStudio and want to learn more about developing your own software solutions? Visit our Developer Center.

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