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The importance of life-cycle support and service to the customer

Asked what they consider the core of ABB’s activities, many people would probably think of the company’s deft robots, its powerful transformers, its energy-saving drives or its smart and sophisticated automation offerings.

Service, in contrast, is still considered by many to be about far more low-tech activities such as the occasional visit of a technician with a toolbox. This perception (if indeed it has ever been accurate in recent times) is becoming rapidly outdated.

Through the numerous legacy brands that ABB has inherited and the longevity of many of its products, the company combines a huge repository of expert knowledge about, and is able to effect repairs on and supply spares and upgrades for a broad range of recent and older products.

Through working with its customers, ABB understands the challenges they face and can advise and support them in their maintenance and upgrade strategies. Drawing on its network of experts around the globe, the company can respond to customer queries and resolve issues rapidly.

With its remote diagnosis tools, ABB can analyze the performance and health of equipment and support maintenance scheduling, helping avoid unplanned downtime and ensuring that customers get the best possible performance out of their valuable investments.

But service is not restricted to maintenance and preventing failures. ABB’s service portfolio also encompasses the optimization of processes and operations. The company can, for example, support customers in their quest for greater energy efficiency, lower operating costs or in protecting systems and equipment from cyber attacks.

Beyond providing these different levels of service for products and systems that are already hard at work on customer sites, ABB believes its products must, by virtue of their design, be built for service. The company’s R&D groups are thus increasingly considering service needs from the very beginning of product development cycles. As part of this commitment, the company’s R&D organization recently created the position of Group Service R&D Manager.

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