Troubled with motor MEPS? Not anymore!

The fast lane to select the right motor for any MEPS and to quickly provide the related documentation such as drawings, datasheets and test reports, is open. The Optimizer has arrived!

I know many of you have found selecting the right motor for different regions a little taxing due to the diversity of minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for low voltage motors. Finding the related documents hasn’t been exactly a joyride either. Well worry no more. The Optimizer is here to help make the whole process a lot easier.

The Optimizer is a user-friendly on-line tool that simplifies the job of choosing a motor from the thousands in ABB’s electronic catalogue. Launched 12 October 2012, it combines a handy calculator to compute the cost of ownership of different motors with fast access to drawings, test reports and data sheets in the ABB library. By splitting the selection process into a series of intuitive steps, it makes life easier for both customers and ABB sales personnel.

The Optimizer also enables you to compare different motors in terms of cost of ownership. It calculates running costs, payback periods, lifecycle savings and greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, the tool highlights the savings that could be realized by upgrading to a higher efficiency motor when that product becomes available.

Covering standard IEC low voltage motors and motors designed for explosive atmospheres, the Optimizer can be used through a web browser, regular PC or downloaded as an iPad app. In the future, we plan to expand the tool to showcase other motor ranges and add additional criteria for calculating the cost of ownership. Other planned enhancements include mobile versions, such as iPhone and Android apps.

Check out our web page Motors and Generators – Energy efficiency – Optimizer – Optimal motors for any MEPS efficiency requirements.

On that page you’ll find an extensive package including energy efficiency material related to worldwide MEPS and the Optimizer; an MEPS brochure, press release and a talk-show video on energy efficiency and the Optimizer; and a video clip on how to use the tool.

I invite you to not only try the Optimizer, but also share your thoughts and opinions with us by using the ‘comments’ section below. Any and all feedback is welcome!



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