ABB robots ease the burden on Santa’s Elves

For Delsbo Candle, producing 100 million candles a year would be impossible without the accessibility, usability and error handling provided by their ABB robots.

From Christmas and Eid Al Adha to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to Bodhi Day and the Winter Solstice, this time of year is full of introspection, community, family, friendships and fun—and for many of these celebrations there is one piece of equipment that has stood the test of time: the candle. For those who celebrate Christmas, it’s also a time for Santa’s Elves to get busy making presents for some of the good girls and boys out there. As we all know, however, sometimes the Elves are faced with more work than they can handle—which is why one candlestick maker in Sweden has filled in the productivity gap using robots from ABB.

Delsbo Candle Company specializes in eco-labeled candles—a major factor in their sales success given that clients like IKEA, ICA, Duni and Clas Ohlsson are demanding ever more environmentally friendly products. Delsbo ekes out the gargantuan number of 100 million candles per year (some inevitably used for holiday celebrations and as gifts, thereby providing a bit of a break to the Elves) by depending on both its employees’ candle-making skills as well as the installation of ABB robots to help pack the candles. At the end of the line, two IRB 140 robots are on packing duty while one IRB 260 puts them on pallets for shipping.

With its ABB robots on duty, Delsbo can continue to pump out high quality, eco-friendly candles that Santa’s Elves can be proud of and celebrations around the world can use to brighten the holiday mood—and who doesn’t like a bit of mood brightening?

Now that’s something to celebrate! Read the whole story here.

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