IE4 Synchronous reluctance motor-drive package on sale this week

The official launch of the IE4 Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM) package is at the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nürnberg on November 27-29.

ABB is about to launch the IE4 SynRM, a package that combines a motor, ACS850 drive and latest software. The package will be available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Find ABB at the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nürnberg on November 27-29.

What is an IE4 VSD-only motor ?

There is no standard defining IE4 – some say. They are right. The latest standard draft for IE classes for direct-on-line motors is IEC 60034-34-1 edition 1.0. This draft is exclusively for motors which “are rated for line operation”. ABB SynRM is not rated for line operation. That’s why ABB SynRM cannot have IE mark in the rating plate. The justification for naming the package as IE4 SynRM package is this: If you take a line operated IE4 motor and use it together with a drive you get certain package efficiency for the whole motor-drive package. When you take an ABB IE4 SynRM package the package efficiency is at the same level. It’s as simple as that.

Why SynRM rather than an induction motor for IE4 for variable speed applications ?

For SynRM package you’ll get package efficiency statement – not available for any other package from competitors or ABB. Usually IE4 induction motor is bigger than IE2 induction motor whereas IE4 SynRM is the same size as IE2 induction motor – no modifications needed when changing from IE2 to IE4. SynRM has really cool bearings – even higher reliability, SynRM has better partial load efficiency compared to induction motors – that’s what you need especially with VSD operation and finally ABB IE4 SynRM will be stocked – immediate availability!

Motor-Drive package efficiency statement

For the first time in the industry there is package efficiency data available for the motor-drive package. Traditionally only motor efficiency is classified. It is done by IE classes. However it’s only for a motor with sinusoidal supply at nominal speed and power. This information is not relevant when calculating energy consumption in variable speed applications. Accurate calculations demand efficiency data for the whole motor-drive package and for the entire speed range. .This data will be available for all SynRM packages.

Is it expensive?

How about focusing on value? Does the package deliver proper value? Value of solutions increasing energy efficiency is usually measured by payback time. In short, with a new investment the payback time of IE4 SynRM package compared to IE2 package is about 1 – 1,5 years with high running hours and 2-3 years with lower running hours. It makes sense and meets the payback time requirements of efficiency oriented customers.

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