Exactly why is ABBs new hybrid HVDC breaker important?

ABB unveiled a a ground breaking new technology today that promises a new era in grid technology. But exactly why is this important?

The war of currents was played out 100 years ago between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Alternating current won, although direct current is much more efficient at transmitting power over long distances, for example between remote renewable energy sources and population centers. This makes high voltage direct current a key technology in overcoming the problem that renewable energy is seldom produced in places where it needs to be consumed, for example by connecting remote offshore windfarms to inland population centers.

However, the problem until now has been that there was no way to create a “grid” using DC technology. A grid is what you need to effectively balance supply and demand and ensure reliability. This new innovation from ABB makes it possible for the first time to create an high voltage direct current grid allowing the efficient integration of remote renewable energy sources.

This technology makes it possible for us to build the future grid, a highly efficient and stable power infrastructure that meets new energy challenges.

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  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw 

  • Maven2

    For the grand german project Desertec will this ABB superswitch make it Desertec more possible to fulfill.

    But now will of course Siemens and Alstom do everything they can do for trying to invent something similar solution.
    Because this superswitch will be prestige tech in every electrotech company all over the world!

  • Nicolas Waern

    Wow indeed... A lot of potential but as we all know from watching Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. Especially DC power.- Seriously really interesting read and I will be following this to see where it goes. Considering the ever growing demand for sustainable solutions in infrastructure this looks really promising. And again, great acqusition and strategic takeover of Power one. Considering the dropoff rate and decline in interest for solar power I think it is fair to say that I think that you know something we don't. Even though I now think I do. However, I hope the prices to come will be set for a win win.. win. for ABB - people - and mother nature as well. Proud of the legacy of Percy Barnevik and also very proud of the contribution by my relative Bo Martin Waern.