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Nice article about some human characteristics and their relevance to road safety

A colleague brought this excellent article to my attention recently

What an RAF pilot can teach us about being safe on the road

It’s a good reminder that we can relate some human characteristics discovered in laboratory conditions or in research from other areas (military aviation for example) and apply the learning to practical advice for other, unrelated, fields.

Recently I was asked why I use so many examples from unrelated industries on my training course, and could I cut them out and therefore add more ‘focus’ on the process industry examples. The unfortunate fact is that there are just not enough freely available human factors examples from our industry. Either we don’t measure HF ‘near misses’ (or, increasingly commonly and perhaps more accurately ‘near hits’), or we keep them to ourselves. The aviation industry doesn’t do this, and increasingly the healthcare industry and other areas of transportation are becoming more ‘open’. Until the process industries give up some of their common learning we will remain reliant on those industries that do, and I’ll continue to use nuclear, aviation healthcare and other examples in the training course and in this blog. After all, we share the common component, the Mk.1 Human Being.

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