Harnessing the power of wind: small solutions for tall issues?

Wind power is one of the cleanest means of generating electricity

From sailing on the Nile and the beautiful windmills of the past, we now have impressive 5MW turbines, more than 150 meters high, installed in the North Sea where wind is in abundant supply, providing a clean and viable alternative to fossil fuels. According to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), by 2020 nearly 40 gigawatts of electricity is expected to come from offshore wind farms.

These giant windmills need specialized equipment to be connected to the electricity grid, ensuring efficiency and at the same time minimizing both power losses and impact on the environment.

With higher capacity turbines being deployed to generate more power, higher voltages are being resorted to in order to minimize losses during energy transfer.

This calls for high voltage equipment suitable for the purpose and yet compact enough. The new hybrid (air and gas insulated) PASS M00 Plug-And-Switch-System switchgear, specially developed for wind applications, has been designed to do just that. Available up to 72.5 kilovolts (kV) voltage levels, it can be accommodated in constrained spaces such as a wind tower and is easy-to-install and use at the same time.


A small friend for a sea colossus…………isn’t it a perfect fit?

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I am the Global Marketing Manager for ABB's high voltage (HV) breakers and modules, with more than 15 years of experience in the high voltage field working with HV Breakers, PASS multi-function switchgear modules, Disconnecting Circuit Breakers, instrument transformers, surge arresters, disconnectors and power transformers.
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