Harnessing the power of wind: small solutions for tall issues?

Wind power is one of the cleanest means of generating electricity

From sailing on the Nile and the beautiful windmills of the past, we now have impressive 5MW turbines, more than 150 meters high, installed in the North Sea where wind is in abundant supply, providing a clean and viable alternative to fossil fuels. According to the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), by 2020 nearly 40 gigawatts of electricity is expected to come from offshore wind farms.

These giant windmills need specialized equipment to be connected to the electricity grid, ensuring efficiency and at the same time minimizing both power losses and impact on the environment.

With higher capacity turbines being deployed to generate more power, higher voltages are being resorted to in order to minimize losses during energy transfer.

This calls for high voltage equipment suitable for the purpose and yet compact enough. The new hybrid (air and gas insulated) PASS M00 Plug-And-Switch-System switchgear, specially developed for wind applications, has been designed to do just that. Available up to 72.5 kilovolts (kV) voltage levels, it can be accommodated in constrained spaces such as a wind tower and is easy-to-install and use at the same time.


A small friend for a sea colossus…………isn’t it a perfect fit?


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  • Harald Crona

    it recommended to install the PASS M00 also in larger wind mill like the
    Enercon E-126? Or is it designed primarily for constrained spaces?

    • Henrik Anulf

      Dear Harald,
      Absolutely. It will always be an advantage with the compact design of the PASS M00, even in a case where the space is not so constrained. Easy to transport, quick to install and high availability. Remember that the we save a lot of energy by stepping up the voltage level to 72 kV, as we will have less losses. 

  • Bars_21

    Small remark. "About the author" text: mistake in word "Manager"...

    • ghollings

      Well spotted! Thanks for the heads up! We've corrected it. 

      What do you think of the blog post?...

  • matt

    what is the operating cost per kW-Hour?

    • Stefania Guerra

      A recent study went out from Carbon Trust saying that with new big turbines, an intra-array at 66 kV, the cost of actual 140 GBP x MWh will be reduced to 100 MWh, at least this is the aim and evaluation.

  • Wind Fairy

    Interesting to see that the one relevant question regarding operating cost is not answered....nor I suspect would questions around efficiency, time to pay back embedded energy, impact on sea bed from cabling, or cost to migrating bird life. Of course operating cost isnt really an issue is it? because the tax payer funds costs - twice! as consumer and tax payer.

  • Wind Fairy

    Just to clarify...not meaning to take away from the clever and innovative technology!

  • Henrik Anulf

    Dear Wind Fairy,
    By stepping up in voltage we do save a lot of energy, and hence big savings in operating costs. If you double the voltage, the transmission losses will be one fourth. And this is what we are allowing with the compact PASS module. You may ofcourse use the PASS module in other constraing areas, not only in wind towers.